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ProHealth Center is excited to now offer Digital Infrared Thermography to our local community and surrounding areas. In conjunction with Palmetto Thermal Imaging, are a mobile service and one of the very few practices certified to provide and perform this elite service! We offer breast imaging, full body imaging or focused area imaging.


"Wanted to say a few words about my experience getting a thermagram with Heather Terry ... she is awesome and takes great pride in her work. Always has a smile and glad to answer any questions or concerns that you may have! Been a client a few years now and wouldn't go to anyone else."

-Landrum, SC

"It was a good experience. Everyone was helpful and friendly!"
-Carol Jarrett

What our patients say:

"I am thrilled beyond words to have found Heather Terry, Thermographer at ProHealth Center.  Having thermography to examine the health of my overall body and especially for my breast care is a pleasant, noninvasive experience (since I have breast implants, mammograms can be an unpleasant experience.) I choose to alternate these tests to get the best for my body, experientially and therapeutically.
I encourage others to look into the benefit and ease of this modality."
- Linda Y


Thermography is a non-invasive, radiation FREE and pain FREE thermal scan of the body. This exclusive technology uses a clinical imaging procedure to create a map of the infrared patterns. It is a valuable tool for alerting your healthcare provider to changes that can indicate early stage diseases.   Our technology is different than other types of diagnostic tools, such as MRI & X-Ray, because it detects thermal patterns consistent with functional changes – not necessarily anatomy. So what does that mean? Basically, it helps provide insight into the function of your body.

Thermal indications of possible: 

Cardio-Vascular Thermal Conditions

Carpal Tunnel 

Chronic nerve injury


Digestive Disorders

Estrogen dominance 

Fibrocystic Change 

Herniated Disks 

Hormonal Imbalances 

Musculoskeletal Problems, such as Nervous System Disorders 

Other forms of Undiagnosed Pain 

Sinus and Allergy Problems 

Thermography can help monitor hormonal balance 

Thyroid and Metabolic Disorders 


Undiagnosed Pain


Inflammatory responses and inflammation–associated diseases, which create a thermal pattern, visually detected with thermography, are globally recognized as the number one health issue in the world. Click here to read more about inflammation and why you should pay attention to it:


Thermography is a non-contact, non-invasive procedure which captures and records temperature variations on the skin. The skin is the body’s most intelligent organ and is “wired” with a communication network connecting all other organs and physiological processes in the body. The skin responds to physiological changes and a thermography device observes those changes.  Assessments of these changes are reported by medical professionals trained to correlate thermal findings with a person’s health history and concerns.

At ProHealth Center, we use this technology as an early detection tool for inflammatory changes of the body which are the earliest stage of any disease. Thermography can help be this early detection tool for you. It can assist you in giving you the earliest possible treatment and intervention as well as being a monitoring tool for your overall health.

Our goal at ProHealth Center is to give you the best possible option to getting an early start on monitoring your health.


Call our certified thermographer, Heather Terry, today at 864-681-0555 to schedule your scan. ProHealth Center serves all of Laurens County, SC and the surrounding vicinity, including Laurens, Watts Mills, Hickory Tavern, Clinton, Gray Court, Ora, Joanna, Kinards, Mountville, Cross Hill, Poplar Springs, Princeton, Honea Path, Enoree, Woodruff, Fountain Inn, Simpsonville, Greenville, Newberry and Columbia. We also happily serve all of South Carolina, North Carolina and the entire Southeast Region with our holistic health and wellness services.

Imaging of the breast is not intended as a cancer detection test, as it does not suggest, confirm or rule out the possibility that cancer exists in the breast or any other area of the body.

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