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Success Stories


Celebrating ANOTHER patient’s great news! Mrs. Brenda Anderson had her MRI results and her glioblastoma tumor is shrinking! Her doctor said this happens to only 20% of the cases! Our God is SO good! Praising Him for another great report and extremely blessed and thankful we all can play a part in her testimony! 🙌🏻
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Celebrating another patient success story! Mr. Hershberger was diagnosed with Stage 4 prostate cancer. After 12 weeks of supportive therapies, his PSA has gone from the 300’s down to 5.5.  Praising Him for all of his healing and allowing us the opportunity to play a part.


“I had been diagnosed with bladder cancer in August 2016 and had 2 urologists’ (my urologist in Greenville and then the Emory Medical Center Bladder Cancer Director) recommendations to remove my bladder. My bladder lining was ¾ covered with tumor. I chose to be healed.

My family’s dental hygienist is a Integrative Healthcare Solutions patient and cancer survivor. She referred me to Practitioner Ledda and the staff at Integrative Healthcare Solutions. I began an intensive 6-week course of ozone, IV nutritional and PEMF therapies in the middle of September 2016. I began shedding tumor from my bladder the day after my first treatment, then much more later that week. The tumor sloughing tapered off as treatment progressed.

I became a patient of a third urologist 2 months later after completing this first course of treatment. His initial opinion, based on my previous medical reports, was to remove my bladder also. He immediately scheduled me for biopsy surgery. I only had 4 small remaining tumor spots which were surgically removed. I decline conventional BCG immunotherapy from him and complete a second round of treatment with Integrative Healthcare Solutions.

I remain under the care of ProHealth Center and my bladder has been confirmed tumor free in 2 examinations since that surgery. Praise Jesus. ProHealth Center has been a tremendous encouragement and blessing to us. The staff are family to me now.”


I am a 48 year old healthcare professional and I’ve suffered with right knee pain for 3-4 years. Rest, ice and stretching only helped the pain short term, all the while the pain intensity grew with each passing month. Forget about being active on a knee that you simply cannot depend upon. My weight grew and the knee pain intensified further.

I went to the orthopedist, who took x-rays and showed my the spiculated bone spurs underneath my knee cap. He explained that every step would create inflammation to the knee and that the pain was something I’d need to learn to manage and he, of course, could help with that. His plan was to keep my pain managed until I was old enough to have the knee replaced. I’ve had a series of steroid injections, as well as expensive gel shots. Neither course of care provided relief longer than a few days and never took the pain away completely. On top of that, my limited knee function was unchanged.

Something really needed to change and change soon with my knee, so I began investigating alternatives to the status quo treatment options. This led me to read about Prolozone and the natural benefits of ozone injections into the knee. The more I read, the more encouraged I became, but needed to find the right provider.

I chose Beth, because she is the only wellness/healthcare provider anywhere locally to be trained by Dr. Shallenberger, who is the pioneer and developer of the protocols and techniques that are used by Prolozone providers. To me, this was a huge plus and I’m thankful that I found her.

My first injection was life changing for me. I left the office without pain for the first time in God knows when. I had a total of 5 injections to reach a point of preventative maintenance with each injection building on the improvements of the previous one.

With my new knee, I have lost 25 additional pounds, began walking and lifting my kettlebells again. I can do squats and lunges with my right knee that before I wouldn’t even attempt.

By far this is the best thing that I ever did for my knee health. This office provides “one of a kind” care given in a friendly and knowledgeable manner. I highly recommend them.

Jay E. Young, D.C., R.S.O., c.B.C.T.
Easley, S.C.