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Food Sensitivity Testing

Food Sensitivity Testing

Do you often feel unwell or have frequent headaches that have no apparent cause? Your food may be to blame. Food sensitivities have a negative impact on your body and can cause symptoms up to several hours after you eat. Your body is not able to process these foods without your immune system reacting to them. This can result in many different side effects that may be felt especially in your digestive tract or they can impact other systems in your body. At ProHealth Center in Clinton, we offer comprehensive food sensitivity testing so you can avoid issues caused by these foods.


Food Sensitivity & Food Allergy Testing

It's common for food allergies and food sensitivities to get mixed up. After all, they both involve an immune system response that can lead to medical issues. However, the primary difference between the two is that allergies are generally associated with life-threatening reactions, such as your throat closing up. With a food allergy, you don't need to be exposed to a lot of the substance to have this reaction, and symptoms typically appear quickly after exposure.

In contrast, food sensitivities have milder reactions (although very uncomfortable in many cases), and the symptoms may take hours to appear. A small portion of a specific food that your body is sensitive to may not set off a reaction.

When To Look Into Food Sensitivity Testing

If you have a general feeling of unwellness, or routinely feel poorly several hours after you eat, then you may have food sensitivities. You should look into testing if your symptoms are not explained by any other medical condition or you find they come and go based on the type of cuisine that you're eating. After taking this test, you can cut out foods from your diet that you have problems with so that you can eliminate or reduce your symptoms. If you're sensitive to food that you love, you may be able to tolerate it by reducing your portion sizes or trying different recipes to minimize the effect.

Food Sensitivity Testing in Clinton, SC

At ProHealth Center, we’re not only your chiropractor in Clinton, but we also provide food sensitivity testing along with our other services. Call us today at (864) 681-0555 to schedule an appointment. You'll find out whether you're reacting to these foods and what you need to do to feel an improvement.